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There are a number of environmental issues that stem from the mining of precious metals. Heavy metals are being leaked into the waterways and Mercury levels are on the rise with small-scale gold mining being the biggest contributor as well as the burning of fossil fuels, the world’s largest source of emissions of carbon dioxide.


On a social level there’s everything from forced labor, poisoning from chemicals, mine collapses, local communities not having access to land or clean water and being harassed by mine or government security.



Mångata jewellery is committed to using recycled precious metals.



Our metal suppliers buy scrap metals from various industrial users, local refiners, and jewellers and refine these metals back to their purest form.

All copper used for alloying comes from recycling copper wire, mainly electrical cabling that would otherwise go to landfill.


We are always looking for new materials that can be reused, recycled or upcycled.

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